3rd International

Printmaking Symposium

November 12-15, 2015

in Bentlage, Rheine, Germany

The facets of city history, its social history, gaining interesting insights into book printing with movable letters and discovering contemporary art – all this can be experienced in the Borken City Museum. Its series of events with concerts, lectures and readings are cultural highlights.

The City Museum regards itself as a forum for art and culture, for historical as well as contemporary culture. The museum is located in the old city hall and in the adjacent Gothic Church of the Holy Spirit, the former chapel of a convent for the poor at the south side of the market. The historical presentation of the city and also of the region is complemented by changing exhibitions of modern and contemporary art with its focus on graphic arts.

Young contemporary artists and contemporary artistic positions are presented. A collection of artistic printed graphics is being developed.The printing workshop is dedicated to the development of artistic printed graphics in the German-Netherlands border region. Traditional methods of artistic printed graphics with moveable letters, typesetting and further methods of intaglio and relief printing can be carried out.

The workshop Work_Space regards itself as complementary to other regional printing shops and workshops. With its focus on book printing and typesetting it broadens the scope of the regional printing scene.